[EXAMINER]: Comedian Jackie Mason tells Aaron Klein Radio he believes Trump could win in 2016


The 2016 presidential primaries are less than a year away and with many Republican hopefuls entering the race, American business entrepreneur, investor, television personality, author, and billionaire, Donald Trump is leading the way as one of the top contenders and comedian Jackie Mason believes he could easily win, WND reported on Sunday. With Trump drawing a crowd that was estimated at 15,000 in attendance at a rally in Arizona on Saturday, an hours after rising to the top the latest national poll from Reuters, he spoke about illegal immigration, trade, foreign policy, homeland security, the economy, and job creation, Jackie Mason appears to be on his side.

Mason believes that Trump has a big mouth and with what he says, he means it and it would save lives as Trump does not hold back on how he feels on the way things are going on in America. Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” broadcast in New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia on Sunday in which he told Aaron Klein, “So this guy just saved thousands of lives by the fact that he has such a big mouth and tells the truth. And as soon as he dramatized the issue of illegal immigration, they (GOP) got panicky and the only guy that made sense disturbed them and it panicked them.”

“Because it proves that they are doing nothing, and he’s accomplishing something by telling the truth… and he’s making a fool out of them by being honest and an honest person is intolerable amongst thieves, “Mason said. When asked on whether Trump can win in 2016, Mason replied, “There’s no question about it that not only does he stand a chance,” replied Mason, “but I see it as very strong possibility that he is going to bury all of them, and he is going to come out the big winner.”

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