Hillary Clinton’s penchant for pantsuits is actually because all the donors to the Clinton Foundation are pants manufacturers.

And her dramatic, fact-strained description of landing in Bosnia under sniper fire in 1996 trumps any tall tale espoused by ex-NBC anchor Brian Williams, who should therefore run for president since he’s more fit that Clinton.

These are just a few of the zingers lobbed by legendary stand-up comic Jackie Mason during an interview today on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

On Hillary’s pantsuits: “Almost every day she is wearing a different kind of a pants outfit. You never see her legs. Nobody knows if she has any legs. Where does she put her legs. Because her legs are always camouflaged with a different kind of a shmata that is banging to the floor. It’s a different kind of a pantsuit every day.”

“You know why she only wears pantsuits?” asked Mason.

“Why?” nudged a chuckling Klein.

“Because … from the people who gave the money to the Foundation are all pants manufacturers. All the pants manufacturers told her that if she wears pantsuits for the rest of her life, she gets $300 million every two weeks so she can walk around with a pair of pants. If she got the money from skirt manufacturers, she would only be wearing skirts. If she got all her money from pajama manufacturers, every time you see her she would only be wearing pajamas. ”
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